Covid-19 Precautious followed at Lacto Queen Farm

Strict adherence of preventive protocols which were followed at our Farm since it’s inception has helped us to implement best Hygiene standards to produce Untouched High Quality safe Milk even during Coronavirus pandemic.

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Fresh, Unadulterated and Pure Milk produced by Healthy Cows which is supplied straight from our Farm to your Kitchen.

Know your Milk

know your milk
know your milk
Milk is considered to be the ‘ideal food’ because of its abundant nutrients required by both infants and adults. It is one of the best sources of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals. Unfortunately, milk is being very easily adulterated.

Due to the absence of adequate monitoring and lack of proper law enforcement in India, the situation is significantly worse. Present Dairy Industry is facing lot of problems, which can be broadly categorised under 3 main problem areas.
know your milk
know your milk
Powerful Performance


According to recent survey conducted by FSSAI more than 72% of milk samples tested were found adulterated. Some of the adulterants are water, urea, water-based paints, formalin, starch, detergents, synthetic milk. These adultrants could cause severe health hazards.

Powerful Performance


Milk should be stored below 4 degree celsius immediatly after milking to reduce microbial load. With inadequate cold chain system microbial activities intensifies and affects the nutrient value and freshness of the milk.

Powerful Performance


Hygiene in cattle sheds, milking vessels and even cows are grossly neglected. The milk from sick cows will be mixed with milk from healthy cows. Antibiotics and hormones given to sick animals also get mixed with regular milk.

Challenges faced by milk and dairy industry in India

Why Unadulterated & Pure Milk?

100% Farm Fresh

Pure and unadulterated farm fresh milk keeps you healthy and increases your stamina to do more...!

Beauty Benefits

Get healthier skin that glows, longer hair that shines and stronger nails that look fab...!

Active Body

Helps you get leaner muscles that make you fitter and toned...!

Weight loss

Losing weight is easy now! Drink healthy preservative-free milk to get in shape in no time at all...!

Overall Health

Reduced Allergies, Better Digestion, Healthier Mind & Stronger Immune System

Bone Density

Healthier Bones Mean Stronger Children. Make them healthier, stronger and more active. Let them play...!


From The Farm To Your Kitchen

Do you remember how rarely children fell sick in earlier times?
Even our elders have remained healthier than us till day.
Do you wonder why? Here’s the answer.

In earlier years, people had homegrown veggies to eat and unadulterated milk to drink! The healthier they ate, the healthier they remained. Adulteration has messed up our lives badly and has created so many health hazards.
It’s time to turn the hourglass upside down again. LactoQueen milk is your best option to take good care of your child.


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